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      Safety of money and commodities

      First priority for CEB is the safety of all exchange transactions.

      Safety is guaranteed by the system where exchange clients can see all their transactions on their account. The client's money are separated to the different accounts, so that in no time client does not mix his own money with the client's money. Every trader or trader's client can manage his orders and can place in the system order where the guarantee system will allow him. For example trader cannot place GS2 offer into the system before he place at least the amount of commodity into the exchange warehouse and system tracks it.

      Exchange in every circumstance relies on principle delivery vs payment. It means that money are never released to the seller before he pays the full amount to the settling account, or from the other perspective the commodity is never released to the buyer before buyer pays for it. Delivery vs payment can be broken only with the OTC contracts where anything can be agreed.

      Exchange processes and trading system is set up the way, so that minimum human activity is needed. Bank accounts are linked to the system as well as the carbon account and other exchange warehouses. CEB uses system of trusted accounts to automatically pair the incoming transaction to the specific user's account.

      Security of financial operations relies also on the counter money laundering mechanism, and CEB by law is obliged to monitor and report any unusual activity on the accounts.

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