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      CEB organization structure

      Organization structure

      Organization structure of Commodity Exchange Bratislava has gone over 20 years of its existence through several stages. Current state is the result of rationalization of work processes and modifications in law about commodities exchanges.

      Highest authority of CEB is general assembly. It consists of shareholders of the exchange. It has the authority to name members of the Exchange chamber.

      Exchange chamber is statutory body of the exchange. It consists of 9 members. It adopts new exchange rules, sets fees and directs the Exchange.

      President of the Exchange chamber directs the Exchange. It's statutory for the Exchange. In time of his unavailability is deputed by the vice president.

      For daily operation is responsible General secretary. He directs activities of the exchange mechanism, and all its employees, prepares papers for Exchange chamber, publish its results and maintain order on the exchange assembly.

      Exchange is supervised by the Exchange commissary from Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic.

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