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      Membership types for Carbon market

      Free Carbon Member - With no entry fee, the member has higher trading fees than others. FCM is the client of the brokerage company, therefore all contracts settlemnets goes through him. Trading fee is usually 1.5 cents per credits. FCM can have direct access to the trading system or he can have read only access to the system with ability of broker company to trade on his behalf.

      Direct Exchange Member - Direct memberh has higher entry costs, but trading costs are minimal. Entry fee is 2000 EUR, annual fee is 1000 eur, and trading fee is 0,001 eur per traded carbon credit. It is more cost effective to become DEM than FCM if company plans to trade more than 200000 credits per year.

      Gold Exchange Member - Direct exchange member who has high entry and annual costs, but he does not pay any trading fee. Entry fee is 10000 EUR, annual fee is 5000 EUR.

      Membership types for other commodities

      Trader HT - Direct exchange member with certified broker can trade at CEB any commodities with physical delivery except of poisions and weapons.

      Trader VT - Ttrader VT is allowed to trade any commodities through certified brokers of direct members.

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